123 GO….

Now that Alia knows how to count this this phrase has been heard a lot in our house. So today when I told Alia we would going to start remodeling all the rooms in the house it seemed to apply to that too!

Yes, you heard right..ALL the rooms. We are pretty sure that we want some update to every room in the house. This will most likely be a years-long process as we want to do as much of it ourselves as we can, but we invite you along for the ride and there will be plenty of opportunity for chiming in on what you think along the way.

So, 1, 2, 3 GO…..

Let’s remodel!

New Update Location

New location, new look, same cute kids!

I am reclaiming my website for personal writing but this is where you will continue to get updates about the Kortman family. Please be patient as it may take some time for us to change everything over to the new site, get new stuff posted and also keep the typical spring/summer stuff happening here on the farm.

Posts for the future include info on our 1/2 acre garden this year, hatching our own chicks (2 so far), and our latest ventures into fruit farming.

Stay tuned!