You’re Gonna Do What?

This morning we completed our second homestudy in as many years.  God’s got us on another faith journey. But, isn’t life just more fun and exciting when you are trusting him for your EVERY DAY!?!?!  Our homestudy with AAI for the domestic adoption is still active, however, we have been led to pursue an international adoption AT THE SAME TIME.

Are we crazy?


Does it seem confusing and slightly irresponsible?


Is God’s plan always best?


We are resting comfortably in the knowledge that no matter the outcome of either homestudy, we are following the Leader.  He is directing us and all we have to do is OBEY.  We know our hearts may get hurt along the way, but God is the one who holds our hearts too.

This blog will continue to update our progress as we prepare to bring some more little Kortmans under our care.  Your prayers/good thoughts are greatly coveted and much appreciated.

This post is to inform and let you know where our heart is as a couple/family, but future correspondence will be from Becky’s perspective.  We feel that a 1st person narrative is the best way for you to connect with us on this journey —and well, Becky just really wants to write.  : )

So, look out AFRICA, the Kortmans are coming back….and there are five of them now!

New Addition to the Family

Yes, you read that right! We are about to add another little bundle to our family (Lord willing). When are we due, you ask??? We have no idea!!!!!

We have almost completed our home study to adopt an infant domestically. You can only begin to know how excited we are! God’s hand as been SO evident in this process and we are resting very peacefully in the knowledge that He has it all orchestrated perfectly!

I just wanted to make sure you all knew. We are open to any questions you want to ask as we move through this process. We covet your prayers as well and ask that you please pray specifically for the birth mother and baby who will soon become part of our lives.

What is this…..The Learning Journey Part 4 or 5 by now?!?!?!?!

The Baby Formerly Known as Junebug

We are blessed beyond measure and very pleased to introduce you to our new son, Mathias Aiken, born Friday, May 28, 2010 at 12:31pm. He weighed 9lb 5oz and measured 21″ long.

Mathias (muh-TIE-us, no “th” sound), meaning “Gift from God” is exactly that…a precious little gift. His namesake is found in Acts 1:21-26 where Matthias, who had been faithfully with Jesus since the beginning of his ministry, was the apostle chosen by prayer and lots to replace Judas. Also, Becky’s Grandma, Vendla Jeane Aiken Edighoffer passed away in February of 2008 (shortly after Si was born) and so we give Mathias her maiden name to honor her memory.

Baby Thys (ice with a “t”) was born at home in a planned water birth. He came quickly (7 1/2 hour labor), but not quite as quickly as his brother Si, since the midwives and other attendants all made it to the birth this time! Midwives, Amanda, and Patrice both attended the birth and were blessed to welcome little Thys with us. Alia and Josiah also witnessed Thys’ birth and both are overjoyed and enthralled with their new brother. Alia had hoped for a girl baby for a long time but has discovered that a baby boy is just as fun! My Alia girl is growing up every day and was so mature and helpful during the labor, birth and immediately after the birth. What a good mommy she will be some day!

We pray that the love in our hearts reaches yours and allows us to share our joy with you!

The Kortmans
Paul, Becky, Alia, Si and Thys


Nope, sorry, no baby yet, but we do have a game to pass the time! For those of you NOT on Facebook….we want to share a link with you. We set up a guessing game for when the baby will arrive and what the stats will be. So click here and then place your best guess! The game name is Kortman5. How fun to be the winner!

New Number

I have another new phone number:

Contact me for the new number

Any other numbers you have are no longer in use.

However, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with is new phone service and once in a while when you call my new number it will give some sort of error message. We are still working on this problem, but rest assured you have the correct number….please try again later. To say we have had problems with our phones here in this house would be a huge understatement so please bear with us as we work out (and maybe live with) some of the difficulties of living out in the sticks!


So, I am trying to plan for the rest of the summer. The garden is coming on in full force and I don’t feel capable of keeping up with weeding, putting up all the produce that is headed our way, and managing the kids. [NOTE: this short list does not include house or animal chores that are requirements.] It was suggested to me to work in the garden during naps and do the canning after they go to bed. Whew! When is a girl supposed to sleep?

So, I am trying to make a new plan for getting it all done. It is in the beginning stages but that is what I have set my mind to. We’ll see how it come out! As I plan…anyone have any suggestions that work for them? How to balance 2 very active kids (that often seem like twins) with canning and keeping up a 1/2 acre garden? I’d love to hear them!

Merry Christmas!

Nearly 2 feet of snow on the ground and more on the horizon sure makes it feel like Christmas! I (Becky) am especially enjoying this holiday season for a number of reasons. Here is a bit about us:

Alia is 2 1/2 and loves helping me with anything I am doing…anything. If I am baking cookies she is there with her apron on. If I am scrubbing the toilet she is there holding the toilet brush with me. She is often sweet and compassionate and kisses her brother when he gets hurt or comes over to rub my back when I look tired. However, she is one of my biggest challenges right now, for as much as she is sweet, she is twice as strong-willed. Alia knows her colors and is counting to 5 but we are still working on the alphabet and shapes. She did surprise me yesterday when we were doing school by correctly telling me how to spell her name..I guess she was listing!

Josiah recently turned 1 and he is just leaning to walk. Paul and I are really enjoying watching him learn and develop! A couple months ago he started to “participate” in evening toy pick-up when he grabbed a toy and threw it full force into the toy basket. He loves to play with his sister but is also very good at self-play as well. Si is a smiley little buddy who seems to exude sunshine. Paul’s little carbon copy is definitely Daddy’s Little Man! Generally, when Paul is at home Si is attached to him like glue and only the desire to nurse will cause him to want mama.

Paul continues to enjoy the challenge of his work at DDM Marketing. He has been learning more about SEO/M and teaching his co-workers. For the layman (like myself) Search Engine Optimization/Marketing is basically on-line marketing. He has also taken on more freelance work for individuals and non-profits.

Josiah’s birth gave us a wonderful little blessing but it also sent us the challenge of Post-Pardum Depression. Paul had to take over a lot of my normal jobs (laundry, cooking, cleaning, errands, etc.) and slowly I was able to take them back, by God’s grace. Now, we are taking one issue at a time and prayerfully trying to figure out how to “move forward to being who I want to be”. There are still lots of questions and lots of tough stuff to go through on this journey, but one things remains… God was here when I got PPD, He is here now, and He will always be. Although I have a hard time making my brain slow down sometimes…that is a knowledge I can rest in.

Snow on the ground, check! Chasing laughing kids everywhere, check! Resting in Jesus’ presence, check! Yes, I am definitely enjoying the holidays this year! We hope you are too!

The Kortmans
Paul, Becky, Alia & Josiah

New Digits

Hey There!

The fall weather we are having is so wonderful! Warm sun, higher temps (than last week), and cool breezes…oh, so nice! The kids are really enjoying the last few weeks of sandbox play time. Hopefully the weather where each of you are is equally as enjoyable!

Posting today just to let you know my new phone number. I finally got a phone that is reliable (at least more than before) and one with a local (to Newaygo) number.

So, after Wednesday, November 5th, I will no longer be using my old phone and the 616.499.5386 number. Please make a note of this date and the new number by which I can be reached…

Becky’s New Cell: Contact Me for this number

I know, bummer…fix the address book, memorize another number, make corrections in cell phones. But, I appreciate it…and now, when you call me, I will probably answer! Imagine that–a phone that allows me to answer when someone calls! Astounding, isn’t it!


These late summer months have come upon us so fast and furious that I feel we almost haven’t breathed for a month or so. Canning, freezing, child rearing, marriage building, farm maintenance, animal emergencies, house remodeling, and trying hard to fit in some fun here and there has been the order of the past weeks.

We have gotten peaches and some tomatoes canned and in the basement. Alia seems to have gotten past what we hope was the worst of the behavior issues (for now). Si is very mobile which presents its own set of challenges. Paul and I have been getting away from the kids weekly (thanks to my cousin and a couple from our church) to spend some seriously needed time reconnecting. The chick coop got built and the skunk eventually got removed and dispatched (if ya know what I mean) but not until he had killed a total of 10 chicks. Almost 2 rooms are updated (trim of two windows in the kitchen to finish painting yet)–pictures to come. And somewhere in there we found a day to go to the beach together–much needed and very fun!

As soon as I get a chance to get some pics uploaded for the rooms we have painted I will post them and I could really use a little advice about the future of the kids bedroom as well! Stay tuned.

Prayer Request

Thursday afternoon we received the news that Paul’s dad, John Kortman, passed away suddenly. He died of a heart attack caused by high blood pressure at the age of 58. Paul and his sister are busy making the arrangements long distance as John was living in Pontiac, MI. A graveside service for the immediate family will be held in the afternoon and East Leonard CRC will be hosting an open house in the evening for friends and extended family to come and greet the family.

Please keep Paul and his family in your prayers.