You’re Gonna Do What?

This morning we completed our second homestudy in as many years.  God’s got us on another faith journey. But, isn’t life just more fun and exciting when you are trusting him for your EVERY DAY!?!?!  Our homestudy with AAI for the domestic adoption is still active, however, we have been led to pursue an international adoption AT THE SAME TIME.

Are we crazy?


Does it seem confusing and slightly irresponsible?


Is God’s plan always best?


We are resting comfortably in the knowledge that no matter the outcome of either homestudy, we are following the Leader.  He is directing us and all we have to do is OBEY.  We know our hearts may get hurt along the way, but God is the one who holds our hearts too.

This blog will continue to update our progress as we prepare to bring some more little Kortmans under our care.  Your prayers/good thoughts are greatly coveted and much appreciated.

This post is to inform and let you know where our heart is as a couple/family, but future correspondence will be from Becky’s perspective.  We feel that a 1st person narrative is the best way for you to connect with us on this journey —and well, Becky just really wants to write.  : )

So, look out AFRICA, the Kortmans are coming back….and there are five of them now!

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