Merry Christmas!

Nearly 2 feet of snow on the ground and more on the horizon sure makes it feel like Christmas! I (Becky) am especially enjoying this holiday season for a number of reasons. Here is a bit about us:

Alia is 2 1/2 and loves helping me with anything I am doing…anything. If I am baking cookies she is there with her apron on. If I am scrubbing the toilet she is there holding the toilet brush with me. She is often sweet and compassionate and kisses her brother when he gets hurt or comes over to rub my back when I look tired. However, she is one of my biggest challenges right now, for as much as she is sweet, she is twice as strong-willed. Alia knows her colors and is counting to 5 but we are still working on the alphabet and shapes. She did surprise me yesterday when we were doing school by correctly telling me how to spell her name..I guess she was listing!

Josiah recently turned 1 and he is just leaning to walk. Paul and I are really enjoying watching him learn and develop! A couple months ago he started to “participate” in evening toy pick-up when he grabbed a toy and threw it full force into the toy basket. He loves to play with his sister but is also very good at self-play as well. Si is a smiley little buddy who seems to exude sunshine. Paul’s little carbon copy is definitely Daddy’s Little Man! Generally, when Paul is at home Si is attached to him like glue and only the desire to nurse will cause him to want mama.

Paul continues to enjoy the challenge of his work at DDM Marketing. He has been learning more about SEO/M and teaching his co-workers. For the layman (like myself) Search Engine Optimization/Marketing is basically on-line marketing. He has also taken on more freelance work for individuals and non-profits.

Josiah’s birth gave us a wonderful little blessing but it also sent us the challenge of Post-Pardum Depression. Paul had to take over a lot of my normal jobs (laundry, cooking, cleaning, errands, etc.) and slowly I was able to take them back, by God’s grace. Now, we are taking one issue at a time and prayerfully trying to figure out how to “move forward to being who I want to be”. There are still lots of questions and lots of tough stuff to go through on this journey, but one things remains… God was here when I got PPD, He is here now, and He will always be. Although I have a hard time making my brain slow down sometimes…that is a knowledge I can rest in.

Snow on the ground, check! Chasing laughing kids everywhere, check! Resting in Jesus’ presence, check! Yes, I am definitely enjoying the holidays this year! We hope you are too!

The Kortmans
Paul, Becky, Alia & Josiah