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Hey There!

The fall weather we are having is so wonderful! Warm sun, higher temps (than last week), and cool breezes…oh, so nice! The kids are really enjoying the last few weeks of sandbox play time. Hopefully the weather where each of you are is equally as enjoyable!

Posting today just to let you know my new phone number. I finally got a phone that is reliable (at least more than before) and one with a local (to Newaygo) number.

So, after Wednesday, November 5th, I will no longer be using my old phone and the 616.499.5386 number. Please make a note of this date and the new number by which I can be reached…

Becky’s New Cell: Contact Me for this number

I know, bummer…fix the address book, memorize another number, make corrections in cell phones. But, I appreciate it…and now, when you call me, I will probably answer! Imagine that–a phone that allows me to answer when someone calls! Astounding, isn’t it!